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Carpet Cleaning Pimlico Ltd is a company with a lot of satisfied clients through the last 10 years. It has expanded its area and it provides carpet cleaning services in Pimlico, including Pimlico . We accept orders 24/7 at an appropriate price. We use only eco-friendly products which provide the best possible results.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Pimlico SW1

Starting over and moving to a new place is considered to be a great challenge in people’s lives. It is very important to feel cozy at the new place. That is why you spend a lot of attention when choosing the best possible carpet. If you would like to keep the satisfying environment of your new home, make sure each carpet in the house is clean and shiny. Carpet Cleaning Pimlico Ltd is famous for delivering the best carpet cleaning services in Pimlico. Our company has proven to be the most successful one in this area in the last 10 years. It has incredible expert cleaners who go over a specialized training every year and work with the most advanced vacuum cleaners and steam machines. Highest quality of our services is 100% guaranteed. We work non stop because we want to be at your disposal when you need us the most. Connect our phone support to schedule your appointment with our professional cleaners. You will choose what time is convenient for your schedule.

Keep your carpet in perfect condition

Keeping the carpet clean and fresh is a significant part of the duties of every housewife. It is the place on which our children play, the place where every day the entire family has dinner in the dining room or the living room. It is also the place where you are trying to warm your cold feet in the winter. Dust in your home is something you cannot fight against. However, it can cause allergies, asthma, breathing difficulties and other health issues. One of the most common places where we can find it are the carpets. It is important to use professional carpet cleaning services in Pimlico once every year. You should use your vacuum cleaner at least 2 times a week to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

If you wish your carpet to last longer change its position or the position of the furniture in the room. When the carpet in the living room for example, stands a long time in a certain position you can see the so-called areas of traffic. These are sections of the carpet which are the most used or areas that remain tucked behind a couch or the bed. As a result they retain more fresh in color and are visibly clean, being compared to the rest of the carpet. To avoid this situation and to prevent the formation areas, displace periodically furniture or the carpet.

Steam carpet cleaning process

The process of steam carpet cleaning begins with a careful examination of the entire carpet. Our specialists inspect one and all spots and stains in the rug and establish what is the cause for each of them. The reason for it is that every spot is treated with a different agent, depending on its origin. Stains from tea or coffee need 2 different detergents to be removed. Deep carpet cleaning will be performed if it is impossible for that specific textile to be treated with s. After these questions are solved, the expert goes over the entire place with a powerful vacuum cleaner. The next step is applying the appropriate detergents on each stain. The final element is using the steam machine which will bring back the true colors of the carpet.

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