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Carpet Cleaning Palmers Green LTD is a carpet cleaning company established in Palmers Green 7 years ago. We became popular with providing top quality services at the most reasonable price. Besides that we offer our incredible services 24/7 365 days a year as we want to be there when you need our help. In order to keep the performance of our employees at the highest level we carry out regular trainings and tests of our staff. For example, our phone support members who accept your orders accompany the cleaner specialists once or twice a year on their appointments and follow strictly the process of cleaning. That way our assistants can answer all your questions and provide you immediate help. In order to be the most recommended carpet cleaning company in Palmers Green we use only eco-friendly detergents in stead of the powerful but still harmful chemicals used by others. Also, we purchase the most modern machineries proven to provide wonderful results.

Carpet Cleaning Palmers Green LTD offers two main ways of carpet cleaning: steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Here you will find some useful information about these two types:

Carpet cleaning Palmers Green

Steam carpet cleaning has gained great popularity in recent years due to various reasons – health and financial stability. Steam carpet cleaning has a huge potential for maintaining a home and giving it a cleaner and healthier appearance. Above all, steam uses only the environmentally pure power of water that is extremely productive in terms of dissolving some of the most stubborn of accumulated filth. Combining water jet with high temperature helps remove dirt, microorganisms and dust. Cleaning by steam power not only promotes rapid and facilitated remove the dirt but also it disinfects the carpets. Steam is proven antistatic agent to combat the accumulated dust on all types of surfaces, not only carpets but also furniture, and as we know dust is a major cause of allergies and asthma. And what is more, steam cleaning saves from spending money on expensive chemicals, which are often cause of allergies.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Palmers Green N13

When we dry wash the carpeted flooring we use a unique cleaning system with special particles and professional machine for dry laundry. First step in dry carpet cleaning- our professional cleaners inflict tested to be absolutely safe detergent through a pressure pump spray formulation on the surface of the flooring. The next thing they do is to sprinkle carefully special particles on the surface of the flooring, depending on the type of the stains. Very important thing of deep carpet cleaning is the use of powerful industrial machine. Dry washing machine works with special rotary brushes which rub particles in the textile surface. When the particles contact to the preparation which was placed before that, the machine achieves fast cleaning effect. The machine is provided with a container in which the particles are collected and removed with the dirt from the carpet. The last step in dry is careful removal of any residue from particles and detergents. Finally, a professional vacuum cleaner is being used for perfect results.

All in all, the two types of carpet cleaning in Palmers Green provide excellent results and it is up to you which of them you will prefer to use. However, you have to know it is considered.

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