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If you desire your carpet to look brand new even a long period has gone after you bought it, you may follow our helpful steps for improving its amazing look. You can contact Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD expert cleaners via phone, e-mail or chat and order your carpet cleaning procedure to receive the best carpet cleaning service in Fitzrovia, W1. We receive different types of payments - cash payments, checks and bank drafts and we work at the lowest prices. We promise you that Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD has the lowest prices of carpet cleaning procedures in Fitzrovia, W1 as we are constantly verifying the prices of cleaning services in Fitzrovia, W1. Moreover you can choose what is the most convenient time for you to get the service, always. Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD cleaning experts go always on time for the carpet cleaning procedures, because we are well aware how precious your time is. As they are proficient in their area, the expert cleaners start the procedure of carpet washing with a complete investigation of the carpeted flooring. At this stage of the procedure they examine the material of your carpet and make the decision what is the most appropriate technique for cleaning to be applied. The professional cleaners fight against stains from ink, coffee, wine, etc. with very powerful solutions which are absolutely secure for you and for your love ones. The next stage of the process is using a steam machine, if this technique is appropriate to be applied depending on the textile your carpet is made of. High temperature water is a strong tool for exterminating all the harmful living things from the carpeted flooring and brings back its amazing colors. We can guarantee that your carpet will be for sure the safest area in the home for your children to play and you shouldn't worry about dangerous infections or diseases. For our clients who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD uses special eco-friendly preparations which are absolutely harmless for our customer's health.

We, specialists from Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD - the most popular washing company in Fitzrovia, W1, recommend also the services underneath:

-Curtain washing takes an important part in our checklist. Curtains are always made of exceptionally tender textiles and as a result you need to be extremely cautious when maintaining them. Unluckily, you cannot avoid cleaning as they collect a lot of dirt. You need to use curtain maintaining techniques at least two times a year.

- rug maintaining- we, Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD, are experts in maintaining the most incredible look of all types of carpets - made of wool, textiles, silk, oriental rugs, hand-woven rugs, etc. With a step-by-step process we clean all the unwanted stains from our rugs, and we recover their bright colors. We have all the information needed for all the methods, that will make your rugs look brand new.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD is the most incredible carpeted flooring washing firm in Fitzrovia that assures appropriate help in coping with the issue with allergens. Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD is supplied with the most expensive machines. The hot water extraction maintaining method is really beneficial for eliminating all the bacilli and pollen on rugs. The steam penetrates deep into carpet’s textiles and leaves them incredibly fresh. Also, Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD uses only safe washing solutions which are proved harmless for your overall health. Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD has a huge number of happy customers who stand behind Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD and guarantee for their superb services and attitude.

Grant Museum of Zoology, located in Fitzrovia W1. The natural-science museum, created in 1828. Initially, the Grant Museum of Zoology was simply a training collection, but later increased its status. Currently it belongs to the University College of London. Many of its exhibits are collected by the famous traveler and zoologist Robert Edmund Grant, bequeathed to their public.

The museum's collections number 67 thousand items, most of which are fossil remains, skeletons and conserved living organisms. The collection of the Grant Museum of Zoology has many unique exhibits. Here you can see the remains of extinct animals: the marsupial wolf tilatsin, the giant pigeon dodo, the quagga, and the giant Irish deer with a swing of 4 m horns. Of particular interest is the collection of small-sized glass animal models made with impressive naturalism. It represents not only scientific, but also artistic value. You can visit this museum for free!

Pollock’s Toy Museum, located in Fitzrovia W1. It all started with the fact that after the death of Benjamin Pollock, the manufacturer of traditional puppet theaters on cardboard, many cliches for their printing, among which were the very first ones, as early as 1830, were sold by his daughters to an antiques dealer.

Margaret Fountry (Denier) - a journalist and writer, became interested in puppet theaters of Victorian times. However, the store accountant did not want to choose from thousands of cliches and simply offered to buy the entire collection of 2 pence per unit. So Margaret became the owner of a unique collection of toy puppet theaters, which became the foundation of the museum, named in memory of their producer "The Pollock Museum of Dolls."

Originally, the museum was located in the attic on Monmouth Street 44, next to the Pollock puppet theater, which contributed to its popularity, and here later a toy store appeared. But soon the number of exhibits so increased that the museum had in 1969 moved to a more spacious room on Scala Street 1, Fitzrovia W1, where it is still.

As before, here in the basement there is a toy store selling dolls and toys made under the old days, as well as famous paper puppet theaters and souvenirs. The remaining three floors are occupied by toys of all times and peoples. The oldest toy dates back to 1300 BC. More than 20 thousand exhibits, of which only dolls over 8 thousand. The most honorable place here, as before, is the collection of desktop puppet theaters of Pollock.

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