Professional Sofa Washing Services in Cheam, SM3 by Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD

Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD is the widely recognized sofa cleaning Cheam business that uses proved eco-friendly maintaining products. We have the best trained specialists in Cheam who know how to take care for such supple sofas. [brand applies high temperature water sofa washing method that is useful for cleaning ink and urine spots and saving your house a safe place. The process starts with thorough checking of the sofa. The next moment of the steam sofa cleaning way is vacuuming. Our specialists pay particular attention on the places between the cushions of the upholstery which are the most polluted areas of the piece of furniture. After that, Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD cleaning professionals carry on with placing the most proper product on the surface of the upholstery. If there are any stains, they are cleaned with top quality spotter. Each product is deliberately chosen according to the kind of sofa fibers. The amazing steam machine is used for overcoming bacilli, pollen and mildew, typically found on sofas. All these harmful particles can cause allergies and other health issues.


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £35
3 seater sofa £45
Armchair £18

Deep Sofa Cleaning in Cheam

One of the major factors for growth of mildew is the humidity, left behind after a maintaining way. Usually that happens when the customer tries to clean the upholstery by themselves and applies great quantity of water and foam producing detergents. Ordering proficient Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD techniques guarantees that you won’t experience such troubles. Our powerful extraction machines leave the sofa almost dry and solely 1 or 2 hours will be necessary for the sofa to become absolutely dry. That period of time varies, depending on the weather and humidity in the room. It is important to have air absorbents in your home for healthier atmosphere for your family.

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